All fires, fast
Eagle Security Systems have teamed up with Firexo to give you a environmentally friendly fire extinguisher which will fight all fires fast.
The unique solution can put out any type of fire in a matter of seconds.
Because the Firexo solution fights all types of fire you won’t be putting yourself at risk by wasting time to check which type of extinguisher you need to use. One extinguisher will replace the traditional water, foam, dry powder and Co2
Firexo is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly solution made of natural ingredients which will not pollute like alternate products. Clean up operations are reduced to a minimum.
Firexo is super efficient. One 6 litre Firexo has more power than a conventional 9 litre extinguisher and can safely extinguish any fire including electrical. Less extinguishers will reduce your servicing costs.